Pacific Academy | A Jr.K-12 Pentecostal Christian school in Surrey, B.C.

International Program

Pacific Academy's International Program serves the International Students on Campus

Pacific Academy is a co-educational Christian School. Although not controlled by any church or denomination, the school's Statement of Faith is distinctly evangelical and Pentecostal seeking to allow for the movement of God's Holy Spirit in the daily life of the school.

While Pacific Academy's primary function is to serve Canadian families and students, we do believe we can all be enriched by reaching out to the world. The presence of international students on our campus adds an interesting and exciting element to the school.

Normally it is anticipated that students will take five to six years to complete their four years of High School. Before students are accepted for registration, they will be expected to take a comprehensive English placement test. This enables the school to place the student in the appropriate level for intensive English as another language (E.A.L.) instruction. The goal of the overall program is planned to meet university requirements.

Summer School is Monday, August 7 to Thursday, August 22, 2017 and is mandatory for all international students entering Pacific Academy for the first time.

Homestays with caring Christian families can be arranged where applicable. It should be noted that the school policy is that students are placed in homestays unless they live with a blood relative who has parenting experience.